How to keep Burglars out of your home


Every year in the UK there are over 1 million burglaries and attempted burglaries; in fact on average there is a burglary every 40 seconds. Being a victim is burglary is about more than just losing your property; it can be deeply traumatising.

Here is some advice from Locksmiths Tunbridge Wells on how to keep Burglars out of your home. 

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Keep your doors and windows locked

It might sound very basic, but you would be surprised by all the times when people fail to do so. Leaving your home unlocked is simply inviting burglars in. While any lock is a deterrent, the more secure the lock the safer your home will be.

Keep your keys out of sight

Any visible key is a magnet to burglars. While many burglars are merely opportunist, professional burglars can be very skilled at hooking a key, for instance through the letterbox. Car keys should also be kept very safe; nowadays most drive away car theft is carried out by first breaking into homes and stealing the car keys; it is much easier than breaking into a modern car. 

Keep your ladders secure

One of the worst things you can do is to leave a ladder accessible. In moments a burglar could use it to gain entry to an upstairs window, so keep your ladders securely stored away.

Fit an alarm

A visible alarm is a useful deterrent, though not all alarms are equal. Alarms that are monitored and connected to the police are obviously the best, though if you are thinking of installing one you should discuss your plans with a security expert. Locksmiths Tunbridge Wells are able to advise on the most suitable alarm for your home.

Fit a light timer

Leaving lights on while you are away might be a deterrent, but if they are left on permanently it is something of a give away that you aren’t there. The wy round this is to fit a timer that will switch your lights on and off at different times of the day and night. 

Keep your private information private

Don’t leave private information lying around your home, for instance banking, other financial information and passwords. Make sure that they are secure as otherwise your burglary could have even worse consequences for you. The best way to do that is to invest in a home safe.

Don’t leave cash lying around

Most burglars prefer cash, so don’t make their lives easy for them. Don’t store cash or valuables such as expensive jewellery lying around. If you must keep it in your house, then keep it in a home safe.  

Be careful what you disclose about your movements

When you go on holiday or you are likely to be away from home for a few days don’t announce the fact on your social networks or for that matter tell anybody who doesn’t need to know. Burglars love empty homes which give them as much time as they wish to gain entry.

Ask for identification

When people come to your door and wish to come in, say to read your electricity meter, don’t let them in until they have shown you their identification. Many burglaries are the result of bogus utility workers and tradesmen.

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Change the locks

If you are moving to new accommodation, whether it is rented or if you have purchased it make sure that the locks are changed. Even if it is new build the keys are likely to have been accessed by many different people and they might have made copies and are waiting for an opportunity to burgle you.


By following this advice you will reduce your chances considerably of becoming a victim to burglary, but if you would like further advice on this or on any other matters relating to security, please contact Tunbridge Wells Locksmith will be happy to talk to you.