Locksmith Tips

With burglaries on the increase it pays to take some time to look at the best ways of securing your home. In the UK there is an attempted break in every 45 seconds and around 60% of them are successful. On average the cost of a burglary is around £2,500, but often the major trauma is the feeling that your home has been violated.

Here are some top tips on home security that have been specially prepared by Tunbridge Wells Locksmith and that are based on their many years experience.

Who goes there?

When an unknown visitor comes to your door, you really shouldn’t answer it until you have seen who it is. Ideally you should fit a spy hole and a door chain. Look who is there before opening the door, and keep the door chain in place until you are happy that the person is who he or she claims to be; always ask for ID.

Keep keys out of sight

Keep your doors locked

Protect your outbuildings

Fit security lights

Use a home safe

Fit an alarm

When away from home


Prevention is better than cure, so why don’t you ask Tunbridge Wells Locksmith to check out your home security for you? Replacing a few old fashioned locks with modern secure ones needn’t cost very much, and it can both protect your home and give you peace of mind.