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If you are going to use a locksmith in Tunbridge Wells, then it is vitally important that you chose a trusted one. Unfortunately not every locksmith is trustworthy as has been so clearly shown by the BBC on their Rogue Traders series of programmes.

Not all locksmiths are the same

In fact if you saw that particular episode it would have been enough to make you weep. Several houses were used and each time the locksmith in question was informed that the keys had been left inside the building. If they had informed a trusted locksmith in Tunbridge Wells, then in very little time they would have been let back inside with very little fuss, no damage and not even the need to replace the lock, but what happened with the rogue locksmith was a very different story.

Armed with heavy power drills they broke into the buildings, destroying the locks in the process, a novel technique to say the least, and one that no trusted locksmith would even consider. With the locks destroyed, the owners were told that they would need new locks, and they had little choice but to allow the locksmith to replace the old ones at vastly inflated prices. One example that was presented was of an  our elderly lady (a stooge of course) who was given an initial quote by the rogue locksmith of £50, but by the time the locksmith had finished the work the bill came out at over £470, almost ten times higher.

Perhaps you might think that episode would have humbled him, but he simply used it so add to his publicity material “as seen on TV”. He carried on his activities for another 8 years amassing a fortune, but eventually the authorities caught up with him and he is now serving a prison sentence for fraud.

How to find a trusted locksmith

As was highlighted by the rogue locksmith, it is possible for anyone to pass themselves off as a locksmith. However proper locksmiths are trained, certified, and police checked; it is very important that you choose one that is fully professional and reputable.

Firstly you should consider their accreditation. There are a number of professional locksmith trade associations that provide training and accreditation, so you should ensure that your trusted locksmith is a member of one of them.

Next you should consider their local reputation and how long they have been trading. Good locksmiths soon build up a good reputation, so ask around and if possible check out their testimonials.

It is also important to use a local locksmith. Today there are many national call centres and websites that you can contact and that will subcontract your job to a local locksmith in your area without any checks and with little attention paid to how well they do the job. This is likely to cost you more money too.

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What a locksmith does

Locksmiths are expert at anything to do with locks and keys, but that goes much further than simply being good at opening locks. That is an essential part of their services as is duplicating keys, but the services they offer are far more wide ranging than that.

Locksmiths are experts in security solutions which include a huge range of services ranging from lockout services, replacement locks, master key systems, safes, security systems, electronic locking systems, and more.

In fact if you have any questions regarding security the first port of call is to talk to a trusted locksmith Tunbridge Wells.