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Why your new home needs new locks!

Usually the last thing on your mind when you move into a new home is fitting new locks, but every year many homes get broken in to by a burglar who has been able to gain access to a key. When you change home Locksmiths Tunbridge Wells strongly advises that you should change the locks, and these are the reasons why.

Who has had access to your keys?

When you are handed the keys to your new home the last thing that is likely to cross your mind is the number of people who previously have had access to them; in fact

“You have no idea who has actual copies of them in their possession”

Rented homes

Rented homes are particularly vulnerable. Often tenants obtain multiple sets of keys which they give to partners and family members. While some landlords are willing to pay for a new set of locks, others are not so willing, but at the very least you should ask, and if the landlord refuses to pay for the work then get his permission for you to get it done.

It is the duty of a landlord to provide a reasonable level of security for his tenants, so you do have some good grounds to argue your case.

House purchases

When you purchase a new home, you are probably happy that the previous owner is entirely trustworthy and would never contemplate keeping hold of a spare set of keys to your home, but what you don’t have any knowledge or control of is how many other people have had access to them.

He might have given a set to a neighbour as security against him losing his,  members of his family might have copies, or in the past keys might have gone missing and nobody knows who might have them.

Consequently you should always change the locks when you move into your home. Knowing that nobody else has access will make you feel and keep you much more secure.

New builds

When you move into a newly built property you might think that your brand new, and probably high security, locks are perfectly safe, but unfortunately you would be mistaken. On any building site literally dozens of different contractors might have had possession of your keys in order to enter the property to carry out some work on it. Plasterers, plumbers, painters, carpenters, kitchen fitters, other tradesmen, odd jobs men, site foremen, sales staff, and others will at one time or another have used your keys to gain entry.

Naturally the vast majority of them will be entirely trustworthy, but you only need one rogue tradesman to keep a copy and your security it under threat. Tunbridge Wells Locksmith strongly recommends that all owners of newly built properties should change the locks as soon as possible.

Home insurance

Always read the small print on your home insurance policy. Some policies require that owners replace their locks within a reasonable period after taking possession. Failing to do so could invalidate the insurance policy.


When it comes to potential burglary, prevention is very much better than cure. Replacing your locks needn’t be expensive. If you would like any more information on why new homes need new locks, then contact Tunbridge Wells Locksmith who will be more than happy to discuss this with you.